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How to Order Your Wedding Invitations


So, you’ve got your venue, reserved the date, considered your colors and theme and of course know the guy. Now it is time to order your wedding invitations. If you have done your homework, you are most likely ordering your invitations online as you have found that you can save sometimes more than 50% in comparison to ordering from a stationery store. But, what do you need to order? And what is a “Respond Card?” All the wedding lingo can be confusing and overwhelming. Below are steps to help you understand the various components of the invitation and understand what you need for your wedding as not all pieces may be warranted.

  1. Order the Invitation. The Wedding Invitation itself is the first thing to consider and select when ordering your invitations. This will have all the particulars of the wedding such as the date, time and location. And, it will also contain your personalized verbiage which will indicate who is doing the inviting. For example, if you and your fiance are hosting the wedding then this will be indicated by the verse outlining that you and he request the honor of guest’s presence. Wording examples can be found on our site under “Verses.” Make sure and order an additional 25 invitations for various reasons such as late additions to the guest list or returned mail.
  2. Order the Respond Card. The “Respond Card” is the card that your guest will be returning to you indicating that they will be in attendance or regretfully have to decline. This care can also be utilized to outline the menu choices that are available to guest such as beef, chicken or fish. The guests’ indication of their meal preference is also the signal that they will be attending the wedding. Our respond card’s come with return envelopes that will automatically have your return address printed at no additional cost on the envelope. Etiquette dictates that you place a stamp on the envelope so that guests can simply drop the card back in the mail to you.
  3. Order the Reception Card. If your ceremony and reception are going to be at two different locations, you will need to order Reception Cards. These cards simply outline the location and time of the reception and can provide directions or any other important information you wish to convey to your guests. If your reception is going to be at the same place as the ceremony, you can simply state at the bottom of your Wedding Invitation, “Reception to Follow.” It should be understood by your guests that this means the reception is right after and at the same location as the ceremony.
  4. Order the Informal Note. The Informal Note Cards are an optional purchase at the time you order your Wedding Invitations . These cards will match your invitations and can be used as Thank You Notes for your wedding gifts or to thank vendors, parents or other friends and family who contributed to the wedding. It is a great idea to order these at the same time. They will not only match your wedding invitations, but you will have them well in advance of your wedding so that you can get a head start on sending out Thank You Notes for all the wedding gifts.
  5. Order Save the Date Cards . If you haven’t already ordered your Save the Date Cards and you are ordering your Wedding Invitations at least six months in advance then it is a great time place this order as well. Not only will you most likely save on shipping costs, but you can also check another item off your list in one fair swoop. Also, if you are ordering from collections like our Exclusive Collection II , you can order Save the Date Cards that match your Wedding Invitations.