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Creating Your Disney Fairytale Wedding

If you are planning to make your wedding day all about your fairytale coming true then there are certain steps that you must take in order to make your dreams a reality.  It starts with the tone that you set in the invitations you send out and ends with the reception.  Paying attention to detail with this theme is the key.  Don’t be worried you won’t find what you are looking for out there.  There are plenty of avenues to help you achieve your Disney fairytale wedding.

The Dress:  This is one of the best parts about planning your wedding.  Finding your dress no matter what you theme, is a grand event.  With a Disney theme, it is especially wonderful because you can hone in on what look you are going for right away.  The first place to start with is the Disney line by Alfred Angelo.  These dresses are literally named after the princess they represent.  So, if you are looking for a dressed styled after Belle, consider the “Belle” named dress.

The Cake:  The cake is another great way to show off your fairytale theme and really have people enjoy a taste of the fantasy day.  If your wedding reception is at a venue that includes your cake, most pastry chefs will be able to construct a cake based on images that you bring into them.  If you are going to a bakery, you will probably have just as much luck in getting exactly what you want, but be sure to also have an image of it so that all the details can be included.  Here are a few cakes for this theme that are truly amazing.

The Decor:  The decor of the ceremony can be detailed with your Disney theme with items like an aisle runner stating “And They Lived Happily Ever After.”  An example of this can be found on http://www.disneyweddings.disney.go.com.  Your reception area needs to tell the fairytale story as well.  Lighting is a great way to set the stage for your reception.  The colors chosen will depend on which part of Disney you have focused your reception around.  For example, if it is a general Disney Mickey theme, you can go with red and white lighting while an Ariel under the sea theme would be better with green and maybe even soft blue lighting.  Tables are another area that can be decorated.  Table linens should be based on the character you have chosen or the particular part of Disney.  For example, a Cinderella theme would be beautifully illustrated by white, light blue and dark blue table linens. This is where you typically place the party favor which should also fight into your theme.  Consider a Disney Ornament keepsake for your guests or chocolates shaped like Mickey Mouse.  One of my favorites is the slipper bottle opener. http://www.disneyweddings.disney.go.com is a great resource for ideas about your reception area.
The Bridesmaids Dresses:  What your bridesmaids where is also important in order to carry out the theme.  Alfred Angelo also has beautiful dresses that compliment the Disney theme.  These may not be exactly what you are looking for or in the price range, but it will give you a good head start into finding something to go along with your theme since these dresses are matched up with the Alfred Angelo wedding dresses.
Wedding Invitations:  Last, but certainly not least, are the Wedding Invitations.  This is the first impression made and the introduction to your Disney themed wedding.  Disney has a beautiful array of Disney Wedding Invitations to choose from and they have one to two for each of the main princess characters.  In addition, they also have adorable Mickey and Minnie Wedding Invitations.